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The Asian Media and Cultural Association (AMCA) proposes to the Indian high commission in sri lanka , that in order to strengthen bilateral ties between Sri Lanka and India, Magazine and E Magazine ( magazine type web site) should be launched to make the Sinhala and Tamil readers aware on the ever-developing cultural, socio-economic, political and historical ties between India and Sri Lanka.

main purpose of this is to create a positive impression and a image about india among sri lankans

so we suggest the Indian high commission to help us initiate this project .

further more this would strengthen the bilateral relation in between the two countries .

we wish to publish the magazine in both sinhala language , so that we would be able to accomplish our targets and goals more conveniently .

for a exmaple the russian and Chinese embassies , are facilitating the publishing two magazines similar to this , in sinhala language .

While the Magazine / E magazine , would provide broad overviews of numerous topics of interest, developed by both Indian and Sri Lankan academia and professionals providing in-depth analysis and research, targeting the general public with the use of non-technical language too would be included. The contents of these magazines will include interviews, stories , photos , , general interest articles ,infographics and various types of features.

Objectives of the magazine: / e mag –

1 Creating awareness among the Sinhala and Tamil speaking populaces on India’s economic, political, social and cultural relations

2 Create awareness among the Sri Lankan public about Indian art, culture and the aspirations and thinking of ordinary Indian citizen

3 Provide information and advice on tourist and cultural attractions in India to Sri Lankans who wish to visit India

4 Giving necessary advice and information to the Sri Lankan business community willing to do business with and invest in India

5 To provide advice and information to students of Sri Lanka who wish to study in India

6 Creating awareness among the people of Sri Lanka about the various programmes, opportunities and assistance provided by the Indian High Commission and the Indian Cultural Centre in Sri Lanka.

We, the Asian Media and Cultural Association, has the capability to spearhead this magazine / E magazine maintaining the highest content quality, highest standards of journalistic ethics and in order to ensure every success of the E magazine, AMCA which consists of some of the most prominent journalists in Sri Lanka’s national and top media institutions, will extend its fullest cooperation to the Indian high commission and Cultural Centre.